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Mobile Application Security


Mobile Application Security

Our cloud-based platform helps secure your mobile app footprint, from enabling you to develop custom policies to identifying and managing risk and privacy violations in all your apps.

90% of the top mobile apps have access to local files that can contain sensitive customer data, corporate intellectual property, and personally identifiable information.

No wonder Gartner and other industry experts now recommend mandatory security testing and remediation of all enterprise mobile applications — including internally-developed and third-party applications and mobile applications downloaded from app stores that may come from unverified sources. Even if mobile app developers are not malicious, they may have unintentionally incorporated third-party components and libraries that violate security policies (such as capturing sensitive information for error logging).

Mobile application security testing provides the intelligence needed to protect against attacks and verify compliance with corporate policies and external regulations.

Our technologies include:

Behavioral Analysis

Quantify application risk by dynamically analyzing an application’s real-time behavior in a controlled sandbox and comparing it against millions of data points from known applications, both malicious and safe, to determine its risk rating. Static analysis is also employed to identify risky behavior such as hidden malware and coding errors such as buffer overflows.

Reputation Service

This cloud-based directory and policy-management service, accessible via APIs, provides detailed security intelligence about the most popular Android and iOS applications. This intelligence has also been integrated with widely-used Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to enable enterprises to enforce corporate policies regarding their employees’ mobile devices.

How we reduce mobile risk

Submit: Applications are auto-submitted using APIs or interactively via a simple web interface to our cloud-based platform.

Analyze: Dozens of behavioral analyses are performed, both statically and as the application runs a sandbox, to identify hundreds of code capabilities and behavioral characteristics.

Quantify Risk of Malicious Code: Advanced machine learning technology generates a risk rating for each application by comparing its behavioral profile to millions of data points from known applications, both malicious and safe.

Inform: The behavioral intelligence provided can be used to inform the policy development process, which is an important step for enterprises getting started on their mobile application security programs. Our policy engine enables you to design and test the effectiveness of a variety of policies before they are deployed for internally defined enterprise groups.

Integrate: Once your policies have been defined, you can leverage our behavioral intelligence and policy compliance information in a variety of ways: through the intuitive user interface; reports to educate key stakeholders and users; and through integration with mobility device management (MDM) solutions via APIs in partnership with leading MDM vendors.