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Developer Support

Our services help developers efficiently incorporate secure coding skills and practices into their existing development processes.

Hybrid Engineering Solutions has assisted hundreds of development teams overcome their resistance to changes required to develop secure code. We have codified those experiences into services that provide:

  • Remediation Coaching: Respond to developer questions about test results and provide guidance on code changes to remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Security Testing Support: Onboard new development teams or third-party vendors and educate them about the process; assist with initial uploads of binary code for SAST; configure DAST scans, including creation of Selenium scripts.
  • Educational Webinars: Supplement or eLearning courses with additional webinars on secure coding practices specific to a development team’s needs.
  • Integration Support: Develop appropriate integration strategies for each team and resolve technical issues with custom integrations.​



Technical support for custom integrations includes:

  • SDLC Integration: Enable agile SDLC workflows by integrating via APIs with development tools such as IDEs, build servers and defect tracking systems.
  • WAF Integration: Rapidly mitigate vulnerabilities by updating WAF rules with security intelligence obtained through our cloud-based platform.
  • MDM Integration: Enforce corporate BYOD policies by integrating security intelligence from our mobile reputation directory with Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems.
  • GRC Integration: Leverage our APIs to integrate with standard Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) frameworks such as RSA Archer.
  • Case Support: Provide technical support via phone and email to resolve technical issues.

​Consulting Services

Our dedicated security consultants perform detailed threat modeling and security architecture reviews to safeguard your most critical applications. We also draw on our network of proven consulting organizations to augment our capabilities.

When you need dedicated experts to augment your internal staff, we can help. Our consultants provide exceptional subject matter expertise in critical areas such as:

  • Threat modeling
  • Architecture modeling
  • Performing design reviews
  • Defining coding standards
  • Designing security policies