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About Us

Every enterprise is now a technology company

Mobile, cloud, social media and Big Data are dramatically changing the way we deliver business innovation. And as CISO, it’s your job to ensure new applications don’t introduce unnecessary risk.

When you need to get to market as quickly as possible, the traditional on-premises approach to application security doesn’t cut it any more. It’s difficult to configure. It requires specialized expertise. Plus it doesn’t allow you to apply consistent policies across all of your business units and development teams.

That’s why most enterprises take a fragmented approach to application-layer security. They spend millions on ad-hoc manual testing and tools, but they cover only a fraction of their global application threat surface.

This piecemeal approach yields predictably poor results. Cyber-attackers continue to improve their tactics at an alarming rate. They look for paths of least resistance, such as less critical sites you may not even know existed. They search every nook and cranny of your applications to find their weak spots.

And if you don’t test your application infrastructure to the same level, you risk losing everything from your intellectual property to your brand’s reputation.

At Hybrid Engineering Solutions, we offer a smarter and fundamentally different approach to application-layer security. Our subscription-based service combines a powerful, cloud-based platform with deep security expertise and proven best practices for managing enterprise-wide governance programs.

It’s Smart: Our software learns continuously to address evolving threats — and is backed by world-class experts in application security.

It’s Cloud-Based: Our cloud-based platform is massively scalable and lets you start immediately — without hiring more consultants or installing more servers and tools.

It’s Programmatic: Our program managers help you implement a centralized, policy-based approach for managing enterprise-wide governance on an ongoing basis.

As a result, you can count on us to make your global program successful — so your business can go further faster without compromising your security posture.